Waiting for the Easter Bunny. 3/31/12

An Easter Basket full of love. 3/31/12

It was a little crowded in the basket for the whole family. 3/31/12

Two beautiful pups. 3/31/12

So sweet. 3/31/12

Precious babies. 3/31/12

Spreading out a bit. 3/31/12

We love our toys! 3/31/12

Checking out the funny papers. 3/31/12

Sleeping angels. 3/28/12

What better way to enjoy your morning coffee... 3/24/12

First duck retrieve. 3/24/12

Play time vs nap time. 3/24/12

Cute faces! 3/24/12

Hey, I thought you guys would save me a spot! 3/24/12

It's crowded on the puppy pad with all the cool toys they have. 3/24/12

Sleepy after a successful duck hunt. 3/24/12

Miss Pink 3-18-12

Miss Red 3-18-12

Miss Yellow 3-18-12

Mr. Blue 3-18-12

Mr. Brown 3-18-12

Mr. Green 3-18-12

Mr. Orange 3-18-12

Mr. Purple 3-18-12

Mr. Orange and Miss Yellow catching some z'zzzzz's. 3-18-12

The Leaping 8 Celebrate their first St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day from Bungee and the Leaping 8! 18 days old.

Everyone is GREEN on St. Paddy's Day! 18 days old.

The Girls. Is that an eye we see? 16 days old.

The Boys. 16 days old

Sleeping soundly. 16 days old

There, there Sis. I'll stay with you while you sleep. 16 days old

From bottom: Green, Orange, Red, Brown. 12 days old. Eyes starting to open!

From bottom: Pink, Purple, Blue, Yellow. 12 days old.

The pups asleep in a basket. 11 days old.

Camouflaged Puppies! 11 days old.

Sleeping is hard work. 11 days old.

Got Milk? 1 week old

Are the bones getting smaller or are the puppies getting bigger? 1 week old.

A tender moment. One week old.

Comfy pillow. 1 week old.

One week old

Pile 'O Pups ~ 4 days old.

Belly up to the bar ~ 4 days old.

Someone checking out the other side of the fleece pad! 4 days old.

March 3 ~ A good view of all the puppy collar colors.

Bungee is such a good Mom!

Here they are ~ the whole family. Bungee rests with her 5 boys and 3 girls.

After all is said and done, Bungee gets a chance to watch the birthing video!

Here they are on March 1. Grandma Dimity reports that they are wagging their tails already while they eat!

So far - 4 boys and 2 girls

5 Boys and 3 Girls
Born on February 28, 2012,
the day before Leap Day!
The Boys:
The Girls:

Bungee and Brogan's Litter
By Chris Anderson

Bungee's litter of puppies with Brogan.  Prints, full-resolution downloads, and gifts for sale here.

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Blue Caboose Studio for more pictures of the pups.