Georgie Girl poses for her first official photo as a new Mom 4-30-11

Welcome to the world, girls! 4-30-11

Georgie keeps a close eye on her girls. 5-7-11

Cuddle Time! 5-7-11

Great pigment! 5-7-11

The happy family. 5-7-11

Two weeks old ~ our eyes are open and we are walking! We also learned how to bark and play with toys!

I have a bone to pick with you.

So much to see!

The girls are 3 weeks old now. Here they are plotting the day's activities.

Open wide.

Ahhhh, that feels good.

Puppy huddle.


4 week old shots of the girls. Here is Miss Green.

Another pretty head shot of Miss Green.

Here's Miss Orange lounging in the grass.

Miss Orange ready for her closeup.

Miss Purple taking a moment to pose.

Miss Purple stops to smell the flowers.

The girls have an outdoor adventure at 5 weeks. Lots to see and smell!

I can see everything from my hiding spot.

The girls are 6 weeks old now. Very happy, confident and cuddly.

Miss Green

Miss Orange

Miss Purple

This looks like a fun toy!

Pretty Miss Green

Georgie Girl had her puppies early in the morning of April 30, 2011.

She had 3 beautiful girls! 
Everyone is healthy and happy and doing very well.  Georgie Girl is a wonderful Mom!

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