Dorothy, Rose, Blanche, Sophia & Bridgett

Dorothy, Sophia & Blanche ~ First photo 1/23/11

Rose & Bridgett ~ First photo 1/23/11

Relaxed Momma 1/24/11

Rose rests on Mom's foot 1/24/11

L to R: Bridgett, Sophia, Rose, Dorothy, Blanche 1/24/11

Sophia 1/24/11

Blanche 1/24/11

Bridgett 1/24/11

Dorothy 1/24/11

Rose & Sophia 1/24/11

Day 2 ~ Blanche 1/25/11

Sophia ~ 1/25/11

Bridgett ~ 1/25/11

Dorothy ~ 1/25/11

Rose ~ 1/25/11

Sharing a meal ~ 1/25/11

Sophia, too full to move ~ 1/25/11

Proud Jorde and the Girls ~ 1/25/11

A new day ~ 1/26/11

Rose ~ 1/26/11

Stacking up like cord wood after dinner ~ 1/26/11

Awwwww.....Sophia & Bridgett

Snuggle sisters ~ Blanche & Bridgett 1/26/11

Dorothy after working hard to eat dinner. 1-27-11

A little kiss from Momma. 1-27-11

Jorde likes to snuggle with her babies. 1-27-11

Dorothy and Bridgett. 1-27-11

Rose and Sophia. 1-27-11

Blanche, Bridgett and Dorothy. 1-27-11

The Golden Girls. 1-27-11

Puppy Pile. 1-27-11

Nanny 911 ~ AKA "Stella" the Havanese. Job sharing~~Jorde feeds and Stella cleans up. 1-29-11

Team Co-Captains. 1-29-11

Big bellies ~ 6 days old. 1-29-11

Stella letting the babies nurse. 1-29-11

Happy One Week Birthday to the Girls! 1-30-11

The toys are going to start joining the pups. 1-30-11

They are starting to plump up nicely. 1-30-11

The little girls are catching up to Dorothy and Blanche. 1-30-11

Jorde loves her girls. 1-30-11

Some headshots of the Girls. Blanche 1-30-11

Sophia 1-30-11

Dorothy 1-30-11

Bridgett 1-30-11

Rose 1-30-11

Are these not the cutest girls ever!!! 2/2/11

Hey, I think I can almost see you out there! 2/2/11

Blanche relaxing on her weiner dog. 2/2/11

I love you Sissy. 2/2/11

Cute little mugs. 2/2/11

I even know how to "scratch an itch" already. 2/2/11

Looks like Jorde hired a sitter for the afternoon. 2-8-11

Ms. Pink ~ Awwww, so cute! 2-8-11

Look, I can stand up! 2-8-11

Ms. Orange 2-8-11

What's this - I think I can see something. 2-8-11

Planning their next scheme. 2-8-11

Pinkie looks like she got "busted" for something. 2-8-11

It's tough trying to hold my big old head up today. 2-8-11

Daddy Brogan sent some toys up to his girls. Ms. Purple notices the pink hedgehog and is quite intrigued. 2-8-11

Purple ~ I will try to capture the hedgehog. 2-8-11

I can't quite get a grip on it. 2-8-11

Maybe if I try to pin it down from the top. 2-8-11

I GOT IT!!! 2-8-11

A new pillow buddy. 2/11/11

Blanche making an escape. 2/11/11

Couldn't quite make it back in the bed. 2/11/11

The girls were all tired except for Dorothy. 2/11/11

Sweet Rose. 2/11/11

That's all for today. Bye for now! 2/11/11

Happy Valentine's Day from The Golden Girls at DocMar Goldens! 2-14-11

Not the neatest at eating yet. 2-14-11

Let me you have teeth in there yet? 2-14-11

Double Trouble 2-14-11

Love that little face! 2-14-11

Ms. Pinkie 2-14-11

Ms. Purple 2-14-11

I want to see what else is out there. I'm going to jump! 2-16-11

Nooooo, don't do it! Hang on and I will grab your tail and pull you back. 2-16-11

Bookends. 2-16-11

Who's missing the train? 2-16-11

It's getting crowded here. Time to move to bigger accomodations. 2-16-11

Here we are in our new home. We have lots of room and so many really cool toys! 2-16-11

Look at all our fun toys, beds, crates and even a pee pee box. 2-16-11

I really like it here! 2-16-11

We are laying on Gracie's big soft bed and we love it. 2-18-11

We love to snuggle. 2-18-11

Can't keep our eyes open any longer. 2-18-11

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. 2-18-11

Double headed puppy??? 2-18-11

Balancing act. Need to rest my bum and my chin. 2-18-11

We had a visit from the extended family. Uncle Hefner and Uncle Clarke (Brogan's half brothers), visited the girls. Here they are with Uncle Hef. 2-18-11

Uncle Hefner brought the Pink Hedgie when he visited the girls. 2-18-11

Hef is such a good uncle. Notice the sad face on Uncle Clarke on the other side of the pen. 2-18-11

Uncle Clarke was feeling left out so the girls came over to give him some love. Both boys can't fit in the pen at the same time. 2-18-11

I WANT to catch this little red ball! 2-18-11

Pinkie can go over and under stuff. 2-18-11

We LOVE the Pink Hedgie! Thank you Daddy Brogan! 2-18-11

Opie the Cat came to visit today too. He likes to play hide and seek with the girls. 2-18-11

Say "Cheese"! What a smile! 2-18-11

Jorde's puppies arrived very early in the morning on January 23, 2011.

First girl arrived at 1:00 a.m.; second girl was here at 1:10 and girl number 3 arrived at 1:29.  A little break to rest and then 2 more girls made their appearance.  Everyone was comfortable and eating well by 3:30.

Please join us in welcoming

DOROTHY ~~ (Orange)  
SOPHIA ~~ (Pink) 
BLANCHE ~~ (Purple) 
ROSE ~~ (Yellow)
BRIDGETT ~~ (Green)

Enjoy the pictures below!  
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(All puppies are spoken for)