Jolie and her 9 (!) beautiful puppies. 2/19/10.

Uncle Riser offering moral support to his sister Jolie and the pups. 2/20/10

A mother's work is never done. 2/21/10

Jolie looks very proud of her new family. 2/21/10

It's crowded at the breakfast bar. 2/21/10

So many mouths to feed. 2/22/10

A close up of the feeding frenzy. 2/22/10

A tender moment between Jolie and puppy. 2/22/10

Jolie taking a nap while puppies nurse. 2/22/10

They are Eating Machines! 2/23/10

Sleeping angels. 2/26/10

This is a nice, soft place to rest my head. 2/26/10

Puppy roadblock. 2/26/10

That looks like a smile. The pups have been growing and developing. Their pads and noses have turned from pink to jet black. 2/28/10

One tired pup. 2/28/10

Puppy dreams. 3/1/10

Mama said there would be days like this. 3/2/10

Stuck in the middle with you. 3/2/10

A quick snack. 3/2/10

Look at how big we are getting! 3/2/10

Let's Limbo! 3/2/10

Keeping an ear out for the dinner bell. 3/2/10

It's nice to have a little elbow room. 3/2/10

This little one got the primo spot. 3/3/10

Move over, I was here first! 3/3/10

Spacious accommodations for the growing family. 3/3/10

What a sweet face. 3/3/10

Did anyone think to call ahead for reservations? 3/3/10

Standing room only. 3/3/10

Tummy full after a big meal. The pups have gone from crawling to wobbling around. Still unsure, but gaining confidence and coordination daily. 3/3/10

Will you hold my paw till I fall asleep? 3/3/10

The pups jockey for a good position. 3/4/10

The lunch crowd thins out a bit. 3/5/10

Time for a cuddle with Mom. 3/5/10

Hey, Bud, you're going the wrong way! 3/5/10

A short break for Jolie as the pups sleep. Eyes are now open and ears are working fine! 3/5/10

The end of another busy day. 3/5/10

I'll be first in line for the next meal. 3/5/10

A closer view. 3/6/10

2 weeks old. 3/6/10

Christy, Grandpa Skye's owner, got to visit with the pups on 3/14/10. They were 3 weeks and 2 days old and she took lots of pictures for us. ~ These two would rather play than sleep.

It's a little crowded in here. 3/14/10

Having a ball. 3/14/10

Someone checks out Mom's pedicure. 3/14/10

Where did everybody go? 3/14/10

A quiet moment. 3/14/10

I'll get off when you say "uncle". 3/14/10

Did someone say "dinner"? 3/14/10

Look at those cute feet! 3/14/10

This little piggy... 3/14/10

Fetch! 3/14/10

The boys line up. 3/14/10

The girls form a line. 3/14/10

Deep in thought about something. 3/14/10

Uh-oh, someone planning an escape. 3/14/10

Everyone else is sleeping, Mom is busy ~ I'm going over the wall tonight! 3/14/10

The pups are 4 weeks old and enjoying the day outside. 3/20/10

Hey, grab that camera and let's take pictures of them. 3/20/10

On your mark, get set... 3/20/10

I'll take a little break and then get back to the action. 3/20/10

Can we talk? 3/20/10

Listen, do you want to know a secret? 3/20/10

C'mon, let's go play some more. 3/20/10

Wrestle Mania. 3/20/10

Round 2. 3/20/10

We have a very green tunnel to run through. 3/20/10

We look green inside here! 3/20/10

Seems to be a bottleneck in the tunnel. 3/20/10

Lots of good smells in here. 3/20/10

No turning back once you're in the tunnel. 3/20/10

Together we can make it through. 3/20/10

It was a busy day and the pups are finally tired. Now it's time to go down for a nap. 3/20/10

Blue Boy Profile 4/2/10

Blue Boy Front 4/2/10

Blue Boy Rear 4/2/10

Blue Boy Head 4/2/10

Brown Boy Profile 4/2/10

Brown Boy Front 4/2/10

Brown Boy Rear 4/2/10

Brown Boy Head 4/2/10

Green Boy Profile 4/2/10

Green Boy Front 4/2/10

Green Boy Rear 4/2/10

Green Boy Head 4/2/10

Orange Boy Profile 4/2/10

Orange Boy Front 4/2/10

Orange Boy Rear 4/2/10

Orange Boy Head 4/2/10

Pink Girl Profile 4/2/10

Pink Girl Front 4/2/10

Pink Girl Rear 4/2/10

Pink Girl 4/2/10

Red Girl Profile 4/2/10

Red Girl Front 4/2/10

Red Girl Rear 4/2/10

Red Girl Head 4/2/10

Yellow Girl Profile 4/2/10

Yellow Girl Front 4/2/10

Yellow Girl Rear 4/2/10

Yellow Girl Head 4/2/10

Grey Girl Profile 4/2/10

Grey Girl Front 4/2/10

Grey Girl Rear 4/2/10

Multi Girl Profile 4/2/10

Multi Girl Front 4/2/10

Multi Girl Rear 4/2/10

Jolie's Puppies Arrived 2/19/2010

Right on schedule, Jolie delivered 9 beautiful babies.  Preferring to wait until the wee hours of the morning, the first puppy made his appearance at 2:55 a.m.  Number 9 arrived at 6:55 a.m.

Final count:
4 boys and 5 girls!


We will keep this page updated with pictures and videos so please check back often.