Matthew, Mark, Luke & John

Today the pups are 4 weeks old. Bette pays a visit (with Mark). 3/8/10

You kids had better enjoy this while it lasts (you have TEETH) 3/8/10

Wow - agility right in our own pen! Thanks to Aunt Jacqui for the great new play tunnel. The first one through was Deni and Matthew led the way for the pups. 3/8/10

The one month party continues. As you see, the pups have a slight issue with the new tunnel...they can't get mom out of it!!! Mom & Matthew at play. 3/8/10

The play between Mother and son, Matthew, continues. 3/8/10

Luke has captured a very cool new toy... thanks Jill & Mel! 3/8/10

John and white dog (John was the wild guy this evening). 3/9/10

Matthew contemplating his tunnel time. 3/9/10

Luke rolling the tunnel. 3/9/10

Mark headed straight for the pan to potty! 3/9/10

First up for today's photo shoot is John because he's got a wild hair tonight. Everyone else crashed after eating then nursing, and his little motor was just revving up. Since Deni was the only canine awake in the pen, she was his target. ~ Gotcha by the tail, mom. 3/10/10

Where did all the food go? (John) 3/10/10

Wonder if it's more fun in there ... everybody out here's asleep. (John) 3/10/10

Our cardboard tube is rather tasty. (Matthew) 3/10/10

Time for a break. (Matthew) 3/10/10

Wonder if anybody's going to try to steal my doggie? (Matthew) 3/10/10

Mark playing with the baby rattles. 3/10/10

It's a take down! (Mark) 3/10/10

Sweet dreams. (Mark) 3/10/10

Last, but not least, we have Luke. ~ Wonder where the action is? 3/10/10

Luke preparing to spring. 3/10/10

Got 'em! (Luke) 3/10/10

The pups love the kitty cubes. 3/11/10

Mom's their best buddy. 3/11/10

Deni even plays with them! 3/11/10

The end of a very busy day. This pan has so many uses ... 3/12/10

Dad sent us a great wobble board that's so much fun! Matthew, the first to try out the wobble board 3/13/10

Hey, see what this thing does? 3/13/10

It's a beautiful day & the boys went one by one to the neighbor's dry driveway, soaked up some sun and met Tom. ~ Matthew taking notes. 3/14/10

John toting his toy. 3/14/10

Luke found a leaf and a new friend. 3/14/10

Mark checked out the surroundings. 3/14/10

Pups alternate back & forth from halos to horns. ~ Pups getting plenty of hugs 3/15/10

Luke outside, Mark holding down the fort. 3/15/10

Boys will be boys. 3/15/10

The boys got to 'meet' the big girls Vixen - 8 and Jorja- 7 months outside tonight. Matthew immediately wanted to party with them! They all were very brave cruising here and there and finding lots of things to carry and eat. ~ Matthew smooching with Jorja (Vixen and Mark observing). 3/16/10

Matthew inspecting Jorja's reach. 3/16/10

John joins the party too. 3/16/10

Hi Mark. 3/16/10

Luke on a mission. 3/16/10

Here comes John. 3/16/10

An innocent Matthew moment. 3/17/10

John leading Luke on a high speed chase. 3/17/10

Mark enjoying a cone (it is 62 degrees after all). 3/17/10

Luke setting the agility course. 3/17/10

The pups in the great outdoors. John is going to "walk the plank". 3/18/10

Something catches Luke's eye. 3/18/10

Luke is moving up in the world. 3/18/10

Matthew is a happy camper. 3/18/10

Mark deciding which toy to play with. 3/18/10

Matthew wondering if he should tell Luke he's about to reach a dead end. 3/18/10

Mark found the perfect toy. 3/18/10

Where are you running off to John? 3/18/10

One tired pup ~ Matthew rests up for the weekend. 3/19/10

Today, the boys had their first bird wing. All picked it up & did some form of running with it, carrying it, chewing on it. ~ Mark runs with his prize. 3/20/10

Luke with wing, Mark in hot pursuit. 3/20/10

Matthew shows off the wing. 3/20/10

John with happy feet. 3/20/10

One of life's sad lessons; sometimes they put you behind bars! 3/21/10

Whole lotta kissing goin' on! (L to R Matthew, Mark, Luke & John). 3/21/10

Another tiring day as the pups had some one-on-one playtime outside with friends. Back inside, they learned how to navigate stairs. Following all that action, they were ready for bed as witnessed in tonight's photo. Guess they're pretty happy being in crates - especially if they can pile on top of each other. John scored the larger crate solo. 3/22/10

Deni enjoys playing with her kids! (Mark) 3/24/10

Later in the day, we got the wings out again. ~ John with the wing - Luke and Matthew chasing along. After their fun field day, they each went out front on lead and 'gaited'. 3/24/10

3 pups on the wing are L to R - Mark, Matthew, Luke. ~ Later in the day, the boys loaded up in two Vari Kennels and went for a nice 5 minute van ride around the 'hood. 3/24/10

John holds Elmo down. 3/25/10

Luke holds the key to our hearts. 3/25/10

Mark gives us a nice profile shot. 3/25/10

Matthew patiently sits for his close up. 3/25/10

The boys had their first bath and blow drying tonight. They dealt with it quite well but it seems to have really revved them up. They're racing around the pen and generally being wild Indians this evening. Here's a glance (but you have to BEE here to appreciate it). 3/26/10

Jane came by for a visit and helped get some nice stacked pictures of the boys. Two days shy of 7 weeks of age. First up is Matthew. 3/27/10

Matthew. 3/27/10

Luke. 3/27/10

Luke. 3/27/10

Mark. 3/27/10

Mark. 3/27/10

John. 3/27/10

John. 3/27/10

Bonnie with arm loads of love. First up: John and Mark. 3/28/10

Luke and Matthew. 3/28/10

Matthew LOVES the new teeter (thanks Jane). He even does it all on his own for fun! 3/28/10

The pups are 7 weeks old today. John (12 lbs. 8 oz) and Luke (11.4) still enjoying milk when they can. 3/29/10

Katie and Matthew hit it off. 3/29/10

It was love at first sight between Katie and Matthew. 3/29/10

Katie & Luke having fun with the tunnel. 3/29/10

Mark's an armload. 3/29/10

How happy are we? 3/29/10

Four Weeks Old
and BEEYOND....

Matthew, Mark, Luke and John turned 4 weeks old on 3/8/10.  Every day brings a new adventure as the boys explore their world.