Matthew, Mark, Luke & John

Deni ~ One week to go and I'll have my figure back! 1/30/10

Judy and Deni getting comfortable in the new whelping box. 1/30/10

Here they are! The puppies have their first photo shoot! 2/3/10

Birthdate 2/8/2010 Four healthy, happy, robust boys

Deni getting some well deserved rest. 2/8/10

Day Two ~ 2/9/10.

A celebrity visit from Kermit The Frog? L to R: John, Matthew, Luke (underneath) and Mark (on top). 2/9/10

Puppy Pile ~ Matthew (up front), Mark behind Matthew (head facing R). John next to Mark (facing back), Luke back (under John). 2/9/10

Belly up to the bar, boys! Day 3 ~ L to R: John, Matthew, Luke and Mark. 2/10/10

Having another great meal at Deni's. L-R Luke, Mark, Matthew, John. 2/12/10

Not sure who rolled over & gave up - reminiscent of a post Thanksgiving dinner feeling. 2/12/10

Mom's taking good care of us! (Group picture at the lunch counter is Mark, Luke, John and Matthew) We're nearing 2 lbs.tonight. 2/13/10

Mark having his nightly weigh in following another big day of eating and sleeping. Time to move to a bigger tupperware! 2/14/10

Two bookends - Luke on the left and Mark. 2/15/10

Deni thinking about how much more fun it would be to retrieve birds. 2/15/10

The boys waiting patiently in the laundry basket while their box is changed. 2/16/10

John, the first to really try to get up on his legs, has run into a road block (Mark) but it's up & over. 2/16/10

John and Luke grabbing a quick snack before the others wake up. 2/18/10

If eating were a sport, we'd be heading for the Olympics! L to R: Luke, John, Matthew, Mark. 2/18/10

Going for the Gold! L to R: Luke, John, Matthew, Mark. 2/18/10

John got on the wrong side of the lunch counter and was singing the blues. 2/19/10

A sweet mother-son moment. 2/19/10

Family nap time. 2/19/10

John with Sally who stops by to care for the pups regularly. 2/20/10

Sleepy Luke with Jane. 2/20/10

Luke again - hey, I see an eye! 2/20/10

Mark showing off his black tummy (he has the most pigment - even black pads at birth). 2/20/10

Matthew and his big paws! 2/20/10

Puppy snuggling with Judy. 2/20/10

Mark in front & Matthew behind. All are trying more & more to be up on their legs and their eyes are nearly open. 2/21/10

Mark weighing in on the baby scale (and he's only the 3rd biggest!) All are over 3 pounds. 2/21/10

Cuddling with my brother (Mark & Mathew) 2/22/10

Mom looking in on John (up) and Luke. 2/22/10

Hey Mom, what about me? (Luke). 2/22/10

The line up L to R: Luke, Mark, John, Matthew. (Luke not really smaller, he's just curled up). 2/22/10

The close up is John & Matthew. 2/22/10

Today was the first day the puppies noticed each other and initiated play together. A few also have started little barks. Matthew goes up and over Mount Deni and encounters Luke. 2/23/10

Luke and John? chewing on each other. 2/23/10

Today the pups are 16 days old. Matthew staging an escape, aided by John. 2/24/10

Luke "talking". 2/24/10

Here's John. 2/24/10

Mark up on his legs. 2/24/10

John inspecting Mark's tongue, Matthew sampling the rail, Luke snoozing. 2/24/10

The boys are introduced to their first toys! John makes friends with the BEE. 2/25/10

Luke and the Platypus get to know each other. 2/25/10

Matthew's first bird. 2/25/10

Mark getting friendly with Green Dog. 2/25/10

Mark wondering why Green Dog doesn't sit up also. 2/25/10

Uh-Oh. There's been a theft. Deni leaving the scene with Exhibit A. 2/25/10

Pups spent quite a bit of time outside the box on the tarp and towels this evening and were quite mobile. 2/26/10

Late night snack. Matthew, Luke, Mark, John and....wait a minute, who's that 5th one nursing? 2/26/10

Judy holds Luke for his closeup. 2/27/10

The puppies had company today and got all tuckered out. Here they are snoozing with friend Karen. 2/27/10

Hey, man I'm trying to eat! (Luke dining, Matthew resting). 2/27/10

John catching some z's. 2/27/10

Boys and their toys. Between nursing at length and falling asleep, the lads took a bit of time to investigate their toys. Luke checking things out. 2/28/10

Mark thinking about which toy to play with. 2/28/10

Matthew (sporting a wet head - somebody spilled milk on him!) We're looking forward to celebrating their 3 week birthday tomorrow with gruel! 2/28/10

The music on the radio was turned up loud on the floor by their box & John was the first to venture over. 2/28/10

John listening closely. Is that Gospel music? 2/28/10

John chewing on Mark's neck shortly after Mark was crawling over the radio. 2/28/10

Three weeks old today. At last we get to eat like big boys! (All 4 lbs. +) Testing the offering 3/1/10

Here they are digging in 3/1/10

The aftermath. Now the fun begins! 3/1/10

John ~ I wonder if I'll have a tummy ache? 3/1/10

Mark, "Clifford" and our play cube. 3/1/10

Matthew with "Clifford". Thanks again, Barb! 3/1/10

A Luke sandwich. 3/1/10

The pups had a busy day today. Two friends were here with them this afternoon so lots of playtime! John meets his half sister Jorja. 3/2/10

Matthew ~ Check out my handsome profile. 3/2/10

All 5 lbs. of Mark - look at that lovely back, lay back, tail set (and stomach!) 3/2/10

John blissfully nibbling on his toy. 3/3/10

Matthew sampling Deni's ear. 3/3/10

It's a sleeping beauty shot of Luke. 3/3/10

Our new skill for today is actually picking up and carrying toys. Matthew and bunny. 3/4/10

Luke, (who pretty much slept through the last two photo shoots), was a wild guy tonight. Here he is carrying his first goose. 3/4/10

Luke and Mark discuss the day's activities. 3/4/10

Cute Luke. 3/4/10

John holding down Clifford. 3/4/10

Luke with the goose as John looks on. 3/4/10

Mark coaxing Matthew to jump out of the box. 3/4/10

The pups have graduated to eating like real dogs out of their puppy pan. Individual time away in new rooms tonight went really well - none of them were stressed or whiney. 3/5/10

Luke ... he really doesn't sleep all the time! 3/5/10

Matthew and the milk bone hat. 3/5/10

Matthew in the cube/Luke facing off. 3/5/10

John left, Mark right, Kermit underneath. 3/5/10

We have a new configuration to our "world" - thanks to Auntie Paula for the rearrangement of the puppy area. Now, we have LOTS of freedom. Sally and crashed kids in the new, improved play area. 3/6/10

The pups had fun visitors today including two young ladies - Hannah and Grace. Here is Grace holding one of the pups. 3/6/10

Hannah settles in with friends. 3/6/10

Mark enjoying the Kermit pillow. 3/6/10

The boys love their big pen - lots of room to play! Mom's escaped to higher ground! 3/7/10

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Deni's Puppies Arrived
9:20  A.M. ~ BOY
10:06 A.M. ~ BOY
10:40 A.M. ~ BOY
11:40 A.M. ~ BOY

BEELIEVE it or not, Deni had all boys.  But, it was meant to BEE and there are 4 beautiful, healthy, angelic boys!

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