Mirasol Quintescential OAJ

Sire: Am. CH Malagold Brewmaster
Dam: Am. CH OTCH CT MACH VCCH Mirasol's Femme Fatale UDX OM1 NJP OF WC VCX OD; Can, CDX
Whelped: 07/23/2007
Bred By: Alison & Ray Desmarais

Excerpt from the Golden Retriever Breed Standard:

"...possessing a personality that is eager, alert and self-confident".  
Quinlan truly embodies these aspects of the breed standard.  His temperament and personality are "quintessentially" golden.     

We are currently training in agility, field and tracking.

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Quinlan's first show was in the 9-12 month puppy class.   He loves to show off.  
Looking handsome in the puppy classes.


Quinlan competed in the Pee Wee Hunter Stakes.  He was entered in the 3-6 month class and he was JUST 3 months of age.  He not only won his class, but impressed many with his drive and intensity for retrieving.        
Water retrieve at 12 weeks of age.


Agility training has been lots of fun.  Quinlan's motto:  I feel the NEED for SPEED!   
Let's go!!!


Quinlan and Brogan are half-brothers.  Their Mom Nikita is a Champion Tracker (one of her MANY titles).  In honor of this prestigious title, the litter theme for Nikita's final litter was "Scent".  Quinlan became Mirasol Quintescential. 

We have just begun our tracking training.
Waiting to start the track.